WAY TO GO WINNIPEG! The CHAIR YOUR IDEA Block Party was a huge success. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted. Click here for the full list of winners and prizes.



Available to all Winnipeggers, CHAIR YOUR IDEA is a crowdsourced and crowdfunded open competition that seeks to generate 1000+ urban design ideas and $30,000+ to realize the winning idea.

For a $25 registration fee participants are asked to submit their creative initiative in 140 characters or less [Twitter length] and contribute one WHITE CHAIR for public use to mark their submission.

The chairs are placed in public locations throughout the city and cared for by participating local businesses for the duration of the three week competition period. The accumulating chairs and the creative new ideas associated with them will allow Winnipeggers to take a seat in the newly claimed public spaces, take part in the urban design discussion, and exchange thoughts on how to make our city even better.

The campaign launched on August 27th with release of ‘celebrity chairs’, sample ideas and chairs dedicated and by well known Winnipeg personalities and community leaders. 

At the end of the competition period the winning idea[s] are selected by a high caliber jury and the campaign will culminate in a downtown BLOCK PARTY Saturday September 19, 2015 as part of the Winnipeg Design Festival. At the event, taking place in a prominent location, the 1000+ chairs will be gathered for a final spectacular display of Winnipeg innovation, pride and spirit, and the winner[s] of the competition are announced. 

We know great ideas can come from anyone. We invite you to 'take your seat at the table' and join the conversation about urban design in our city.


Registration has closed.

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Idea Bank

All submitted ideas are posted below in chronological order. Find yours or find one you would want to see implemented!


Registration #: 15
Have an ice cream festival and give away $30,000 worth of ice cream!


Registration #: 17
Floating Islands to Clean and Renew our Rivers - Clean the water of pollutants - Create sanctuaries for native plants, fish and waterfowl.


Registration #: 18
Imagine a design competition for 20 artist designed bike racks to be built & installed on Provencher Blvd. Supporting Art, Safety & Tourism.


Registration #: 19
Climb a Curb In Our Chair Arts & Disability Network wants to ramp up the city, replacing entrance lips with ramps designed by local artists


Registration #: 20
Beautifully designed & crafted manhole covers reflect Winnipeg's rich culture in the arts and enhance pedestrian experience all around town!


Registration #: 21
@therackworks Put an indoor parkade for bikes w/repairs at The Forks on the Downtown Spirit route.Showers and lockers #ButtsOnBikes


Registration #: 22
In a tent in Central Park, have free books on mobile shelves and furniture for parents and children to use plus a summer reading program. 


Registration #: 23
Lets set up a few floating docks which would enable people to launch their canoes and kayaks and enjoy our beautiful rivers.


Registration #: 24
Artscape bus shelters: local art beautifying transit routes. Business sponsorship would help defray cost with discreet ad acknowledgement.


Registration #: 25
Wpg Ribbon of Support: Solar powered panels, clear/color glass blocks, igloo teepee sportrelated-trio for community rental marketspace 


Registration #: 26
Make Your Mark! Chalk Boxes everywhere. Grab a chalk; draw the design feature you’d like to see in your street – right there ON your street!


Registration #: 27
Build winter pedestrian bridge on frozen river at Alexander Docks to Fort Gibraltar, connecting NE Exchange with St. Boniface.


Registration #: 28
This city needs to make sure that ALL street lites are working ALL the time for safety! It is just like the "broken window " syndrome ....


Registration #: 29
Fenced off-leash dog park Downtown @ Waterfront/Pioneer for those with no yard and often without a car to get Fido to the park.


Registration #: 30
Turn Kapyong Barracks into a World Class Addiction Treatment Ctre. How many of our young adults will die of drug overdose before we coordinate a much needed resource?


Registration #: 31
Bike theft is a discouraging reality for urban cyclists. Locking bike stalls give peace of mind, inclining us to bike more and stress less.


Registration #: 32
A bike rental service found in all the busiest places in The Peg. ex(Osbourne) You would be able to drop off and pick up a bike at any spot.


Registration #: 33
Yellow is for Hello. Bright yellow friendship benches at our universities remind students it helps to talk if you are depressed.


Registration #: 34
Groups of hammocks in public areas to encourage unique interactions between friends & strangers. A comfortable escape from metropolitan life


Registration #: 35
Easy and readable bike/walk wayfinding signage to notable Winnipeg attractions such as the stadium, forks, downtown, Assiniboine Park, etc


Registration #: 36
Peg City Canoe Co-Op ; make canoes accessible 4 ppl to explore our river city! Rental system located on the rivers for all. 


Registration #: 37
Free admission for everyone to all city pools for one week in the summer!


Registration #: 39
Create a medicine garden in the North End with sage, kinickaniack, sweetgrass, and cedar


Registration #: 40
Plant edible gardens instead of flowers in city plots. Bring food security to the downtown!


Registration #: 41
Create graphic wraps to decorate the railway bridges, spanning our Red River in the downtown, so they become unique tourist attractions. 


Registration #: 43
Install portable solar power poles to charge cell phones, Wi-Fi, security cameras, LED lighting @ bus stops, parks or tourist attractions.


Registration #: 44
underused churches sponsor (with some help) and become home for new refugees


Registration #: 45
Centrally located, free exchange of stuff. Swap day. From toasters to artisans to music to 2x4's


Registration #: 46
Chalk it Up! Chalkboards and chalk around the Forks for Citizens to ILLUSTRATE THEIR SHARED IDEAS & HOPES for a GREATER Winnipeg!


Registration #: 47
Create confidence in our city by nurturing the existing "urban utopia" as well as leveraging our dense populace into a facilitator for safety.


Registration #: 49
A well designed, portable public washroom, information centre and public art piece to improve the image and cleanliness of our City


Registration #: 51
Line up downtown’s thoroughfares with cylindrical Info-poles, complete with tablets and info about events, culture, art, and entertainment!


Registration #: 52
Give visitors and locals a chance to be tourists, with a well-designed Bike Rental Program, promoting AT, tourism and downtown' hidden gems.


Registration #: 53
Give visitors and locals a chance to be tourists, with a well-designed Bike Rental Program, promoting AT, tourism and downtown' hidden gems.


Registration #: 54
Butt it out, with more well-designed waste receptacles throughout downtown, enhancing the visual appeal and cleanliness of the city.


Registration #: 55
Create warm, welcoming, and socially conscious parks for the homeless and vulnerable, a place where they can gather, feel safe and get help.


Registration #: 56
Design a mobile grocery kiosk operated by local vendors, taking affordable, fresh food around various neighbourhoods, reducing food deserts.


Registration #: 57
Create a well-designed, affordable public washroom to enhance the image, cleanliness, and accessibility of our downtown and city.


Registration #: 58
Short Description: 
Build on our unique footprint as a winter destination with restaurant ice patios, turning summer patios into great spaces during winter


Registration #: 59
Create a pop-up spot with lights, tables, couches and chairs, to serve as a block party for residents and business owners to connect.


Registration #: 60
Take back the streets with designs for pop-up events, giving anyone the chance to plan and stimulate conversation about pedestrian activity.


Registration #: 61
Invest in the creation of an elevated walkway design at The Forks, adding life to our Waterfront throughout the summer.


Registration #: 62
Transform the ugliness of 100s of tree stumps on downtown sidewalks into beautiful urban planters filled with flowers, lights, and more!


Registration #: 63
Create policy at City Hall to not only remove dead trees but to utilize their stumps to create art sculptures until replanting is possible.


Registration #: 64
Bike counter sign with adjoining bike repair station like Copenhagen has!


Registration #: 65
Establish a "Foodie District" in The Exchange where every ethnicity is represented with at least one restaurant all within walking distance.


Registration #: 66
Two fairytale lit ivy covered trellises with seating to be placed on the median on Broadway for people to sit and enjoy an afternoon lunch.


Registration #: 67
Create an academic forum of research focused on improving inner-city life with an art show focused on inclusive infrastructure and design.


Registration #: 68
We need a "Times square" like space. We need bleachers seating and video screen downtown Portage and Colony. A place to celebrate!


Registration #: 69
Add water fountains along major bike routes or number of blocks. Also in public spaces where there are events, like Old Market Square.


Registration #: 73
Giant photos of nature hung or painted on sides of buildings in urban or suburban settings. Adding life to environments that could use some.


Registration #: 74
Urban agriculture! Rent parking spaces on the top level of the Exchange district parkade + turn them into stalls for a community gardens!


Registration #: 75
Free mid-day bus rides to/from downtown once a week. Participating restaurants will provide deals to those who take advantage of free bus.


Registration #: 76
Install ga-ga (Israeli Dodgeball) pits at parks around the city for year-round fun!


Registration #: 77
Light up railway bridges over our rivers with coloured lights. These lights could outline the superstructure or shine into the water below.


Registration #: 78
Kildonan Park, Witch's Hut-A park bench, with a bronze sculpture of Hansel & Gretel; also repurpose the Hut as a Grimm Brothers' giftshop. 


Registration #: 79
Improve community centres aesthetics and programming with urban agriculture and mural projects for engaging the local youth. 


Registration #: 81
Stick-on QR codes linked to a free, encyclopedic website turns Winnipeg into an informative, dynamic museum for anyone with a smartphone


Registration #: 82
Designate a portion of all downtown public parks for sustainable community orchards


Registration #: 83
A 24 hour bus route connecting Unicity to North Main providing safe and affordable transit at any time of the day. 


Registration #: 84
1 out of every ten surface parking lots go green. 1 stall out of every ten in the remaining parking lots goes green. Park Rates increase 10%


Registration #: 85
A cat café/lounge, modeled after the Japanese model ("The Cat Cafés of Tokyo). RIGHT MEOW!


Registration #: 86
Program to assist those unable to clear their own snow by matching them with nearby volunteers. @ end of the season volunteers compensated


Registration #: 87
More wayfinding - signage encouraging ppl to walk or bike by showing times distance + direction 2 attractions + amenities esp in downtown


Registration #: 88
Feasibility study to develop health center @ Portage Pl. NPs MDs, pharma, chiro, massage, OT/PT,fitness,all in 1. Work/Eat/Shop while there.


Registration #: 89
Interactive wall of faces at the Forks. Pics of faces from onsite photo booth projected on large wall. Garden settting, tables/chairs/water


Registration #: 90
Create a free weekly urban wildlife education program along the Seine river in the summer. Paddle in the early morning and be amazed. 


Registration #: 91
Turn a portion of Albert street into a pedestrian walkway and seasonal outdoor market with fresh produce, artisans, and buskers.


Registration #: 92
Charitable organizations produce bird houses to place strategically in the downtown/waterfront area to attract back local bird population 


Registration #: 93
Support, expand the Rainbow Community Garden at the U of M to accommodate the waiting list of newcomer families waiting to join the program.


Registration #: 94
Maple syrup festival at the Forks in the fall. Different restaurants and shops come together to share different maple themed treats. 


Registration #: 95
Create a new municipal ward encompassing downtown and the exchange; representing downtown issues, growth, development by a 16th councillor.


Registration #: 96
Convert unused lot to monarch butterfly sanctuary w/ milkweed and place concrete benches for public rest. Low maintenance green space.


Registration #: 97
A grand monument depicting an important person from Winnipeg's or Canada's history placed in a public space would add a lot to Winnipeg.


Registration #: 98
Develop an interactive map and signage for “walk friendly” spaces that are available for indoor walking.


Registration #: 99
Pop-Up Parks. Select vacant, underutilized pockets of space are transformed into temporary greenspace to promote vivacity within the city. 


Registration #: 100
Close down Broadway and have a giant mini golf tournament in the street!


Registration #: 101
Adult Night at the Splash Park! $5 admission with proceeds going to children's charities


Registration #: 102
Turn the unused lawn bowling area at Vimy Ridge park into a dog park.


Registration #: 103
A toboggan hill at the Forks, add to the winter activities available at the Forks by building a large hill for toboggans!


Registration #: 104
Build a Mud Park next to the splash park in Central Park, a place for kids to get dirty and have fun, add water cannons to clean off


Registration #: 105
An Egyptian themed playground with a pyramid slide and rock climbing wall, an archaeology sandbox, and an entrance through a Sphinx


Registration #: 106
Everyday Cheerleaders! Free cheerleading lessons for kids who then cheer on everyday heroes and people who do good deeds in the community


Registration #: 107
Manicures in the Park, people can get manicures along the river at the Forks for $10, money goes to kids charities


Registration #: 108
Art City for all of Winnipeg! Shut down Broadway and have Art City workshops for everyone in the middle of the street


Registration #: 109
A Skatepark only for younger kids, add an area to the Forks skatepark that's just for kids 10 & under


Registration #: 112
Install an outdoor, ‘Beefs and Bouquets’ chalk board on Graham next to the library and main bus stops.


Registration #: 113
Buy 6000 easily identifiable blankets ($5 each)- give them to restaurants to encourage keeping sidewalk patios open beyond summer season.


Registration #: 115
Moveable classroom - installed in a new community each summer. A place for residents to share their skills & interests with their neighbours


Registration #: 116
Make the Bay Parkade a summertime weekend drive-in theatre with the movies projected on the tyndal stone wall of the Winnipeg Art Gallery.


Registration #: 117
Bike sharing kiosks strategically located at Winnipeg’s most important Public Places with brightly coloured bicycles to energize the streets


Registration #: 118
Hire neighbourhood artists to paint and beautify BFI garbage bins throughout the city.


Registration #: 119
Create full-scale graffiti images on concrete downtown bridges and overpasses to beautify the space, create interest and minimize tagging


Registration #: 120
Skate and wheelchair/stroller friendly stairs or ramp down to the Red River Mutual Trail.


Registration #: 121
A tool library (like a book library), that would also serve as a resource centre for teaching home repair, sewing etc


Registration #: 122
Better biking route/access to Investors Group Field.


Registration #: 123
 A mobile produce/vegetable truck that would setup in and around the downtown for people to pick up produce.


Registration #: 124
Turn the Edmonton / Portage bus shelter into a downtown info/welcome centre, hosted by the Cadets or Downtown Safety & Foot Patrols.


Registration #: 125
Replace old Canadian flags with new ones as well as placing them on all empty flagpoles in the downtown. 


Registration #: 126
Dog park at The Forks.


Registration #: 127
Replacing the Alexander Docks and enhancing the river access.


Registration #: 128
Getting Movies on Memorial to happen in the winter + show movies on the bridge at The Forks


Registration #: 129
Heated shelter in Central Park for skate rental and changing.


Registration #: 130
DIY bicycle repair stations at popular cycling destinations.


Registration #: 131
Turn a Ferris Wheel into a dining room at The Forks. Diners would enjoy a 5-course meal with local entertainment, cocktails + amazing views.


Registration #: 132
To develop a walking tour app that takes you all over the site and tells the rich and diverse history of The Forks.


Registration #: 133
Paint murals on the landing at main bus stops - like a giant Jets logo at the MTS Centre.


Registration #: 134
Have a city-wide harvest picnic at The Forks where people bring enough food for themselves + if some extra to share. Everyone is welcome!


Registration #: 135
Add a swing to bus shelter at The Forks.


Registration #: 136
Bring a Tundra Buggy down from Churchill to offer tours on the Red River Mutual Trail.


Registration #: 137
Install a slide from the top of the Forks Tower to ground level or a zipline across the Assiniboine River to South Point.


Registration #: 138
Free Rapid Transit for all


Registration #: 139
Illuminate unsafe/dark spaces with sustainable light designs to invite people to enjoy the forgotten spaces in-between #AdoptaDarkSpace


Registration #: 140
rejuvenate Red River dock North of Mere Hotel with railing and built-in rod holders for fishing with a summer concession/winter warming hut


Registration #: 141
Fill the Red and Assiniboine rivers with 150 canoes for anyone to use. Take back the most public space in our city, the river. 


Registration #: 142
Broadway Blvd becomes an outdoor art gallery feat. continually changing local art. Diversion for gridlocked drivers and exposure for artists


Registration #: 143
Place informative plaques on historic buildings. Pedestrians learn about their city & understand its rich architectural & cultural history. 


Registration #: 144
People first. Imagine if every bus stops has its own waiting shed. Just enough to protect the user from heat and cold. Simple yet functional


Registration #: 146
Supply and install flower boxes on the 1st flr window sills of the bldgs of the Exchange to enhance the streetscape/pedestrian experience.


Registration #: 147
Osborne underpass + othr bridges: extend vine undergrowth, install overhead lights designating bike vs vehicular traffic lanes + new murals


Registration #: 148
Turn Portage & Main into a supersized crokinole board for one day - express our Canadian heritage & reclaim an important public space.


Registration #: 149
Grow business by linking WPG neighbourhoods disconnected by rivers with a seasonal maintained ice roads approached using park boat launches.


Registration #: 150
Chairs in streets can bring many convenience to people, people can have a seat and relax when they are tired and it is also a scenery 


Registration #: 154
Strips of light, or light posts that direct people to Winnipeg's main sights and attractions (Exchange District, The Forks, etc.)


Registration #: 157
Put up digital billboards in popular places around the city that feature Winnipegger's photos in a slideshow.


Registration #: 158
Deck chairs everywhere!


Registration #: 159
Form a Friends of Downtown Trust to do things like building illuminations,seating,gardens,bike “service” stations,rinks,purple martin houses


Registration #: 160
Rental bike system and bike lanes in downtown to minimize the use of cars and other automotive services.


Registration #: 161
Install weather proof speakers outdoors around the down town area that stream local music/radio.


Registration #: 162
create a rooftop garden/forest at the Winnipeg Children's Hospital for patients to visit while in treatment or staying in the hospital 


Registration #: 163
Create attractive public semicircular benches that have solar panels above to provide daytime shading and nighttime illumination.


Registration #: 166
Spend $30 000 on vines to make Winnipeg a city of green walls. Start with public chain link fences and grow from there #greencitymovement


Registration #: 167
Wonder where streets get their names? Scan barcodes on wayfinding markers to learn some local history. #interactivestreets #scanitdowntown


Registration #: 168
“What’s this plant?” Place bilingual placards identifying native plant species in public places to improve awareness of our local habitat.


Registration #: 169
A Bike App that maps out Winnipeg’s bike paths, calculates estimated travel times, fastest routes and bike hubs with available bike lockers


Registration #: 170
Playgrounds shouldn’t just be for kids – grown-ups like swings, too! Install outdoor fitness equipment for adults in city parks.


Registration #: 171
Access and manage your bus pass, library card, parking meters, leisure guide (and more!) all in one place with a #Smartcard or #Cityapp


Registration #: 172
Provide local restaurants with urban gardens to showcase and encourage #seedtoplate in a public and interactive way.


Registration #: 173
Ping Pong Tables for 1200: tables placed throughout the city to allow citizens to stop and have a game with a friend or stranger.


Registration #: 179
Install rental bikes all over the city, and allow for designated bike paths in historic parts of the city.


Registration #: 180
Place vermicomposting bins at various locations in Downtown Winnipeg. Use the resulting soil for downtown planting beds. 


Registration #: 183
Two giant sized heads, a la Easter Island, towering over the barriers look at each other across the no mans land of Portage and Main.


Registration #: 184
Pop-up coat check lockers in shopping areas for those ambiguous days when it's too cold outside and too hot inside. 


Registration #: 185
Humanize crosswalks: Paint custom road graphics, and supply flags to allow citizens to become informal crossing guards. 


Registration #: 186
Use the #chairyourideas chairs to host Canada’s largest game of musical chairs – to live music from Winnipeg bands. The last chair wins! 


Registration #: 188
Green our Skywalks with trees, shrubs and vines – both inside and out. Provide rails to walk on top of the skywalks on summer days.


Registration #: 189
Establish the Winnipeg School of Knitting. Free knitting classes held in public spaces, open to everyone.


Registration #: 190
Bring a large music festival to Winnipeg with big-name artists. Proceeds go to a designated charity or towards further city improvement.


Registration #: 191
‘Beer Gardens’ – Grow barley and hops near brew pubs and allow them to use the harvest in the production of their beer. 


Registration #: 192
If a revitalized Forks is to work for our city, we will need to build a school on this site.


Registration #: 193
Fix-Abandoned Canadian National Rail Bridge:w/paint,bench-table(s),glass-covering(winter)(hangs below during warmer seasons)/pedestrian only


Registration #: 194
Winter-friendly bus stop: Fit an existing bus shelter with lockable cross-country ski racks, shovels, and more effective heaters. 


Registration #: 195
Elevate the Hated Weed to Edible Superstar!


Registration #: 196
1000 QR code stickers, hidden all over downtown Winnipeg, big prize pool from money to encouragement quotes. Find to donate, scan to help.


Registration #: 197
A therapy garden on Carlton and Qu'Appelle where you can plant, weed, and learn about plants


Registration #: 198
A free store for kids only! A place where kids can get cool things like candy, cell phones, and earrings! 


Registration #: 199
A travelling picnic! Rent a bus and deliver picnic parties to people all over the city!


Registration #: 201


Registration #: 202
An organization helping 1 homeless person at a time in a step-by-step process. Starting with food and eventually guiding them to employment.


Registration #: 218
Paint the city, invite citizens to paint the bus shelters and exterior walls, make this city more colorful and happier.


Registration #: 226
Replace chain link fences along Rte 90 with art installations to highlight Wpg's best features,our cultural diversity,art,rivers and history


Registration #: 230
A drive in theater around Halloween showing old black and white horror films so that everyone can enjoy the classics, Dracula, Frankenstein.


Registration #: 231
Under the pavement, the beach: a permanent public urban beach. A democratic space where everyone is welcome to hangout forever.


Registration #: 232
Put some chairs under any big tree,that can let people who is at outside for rest,wait for friend,walk with pet,and read books.


Registration #: 234
Open pop-up art galleries throughout the city for local unknown artists to show their work. Great exposure for lesser known artists.


Registration #: 235
Turn empty lots into community gardens, instead of paving, that anyone can plant in and maintain; produce would be donated to local shelters


Registration #: 236
Winnipeg to lead the way in initiating and mobilizing the green bin city wide composting program


Registration #: 238
More streets with bike lanes. Arlington, provencier, Osborne, Tache,lots of streets are dangerous for cyclists. 


Registration #: 239
More bus stations with functioning heating system, to ensure warmth while waiting for the buses.


Registration #: 240
My idea is to set up an indoor children activity centre in each community, so that the kids won't get bored in winter.


Registration #: 241
Transform Winnipeg into a garden city by planting more winter plants.


Registration #: 242
Put a mould curved with encouraging or greeting words inside a streetlight.Night comes,the shadow will enlarge and project on the ground.


Registration #: 243
Some of the most dangerous issues in these cold winters are cars sliding through intersections. Shelters over stopping areas might help!


Registration #: 244
Fix the sidewalks + Bikepaths +roads


Registration #: 245
Pour new cement in front of the BMO at Portage and Main, anyone who wants can leave their handprint and name in the road, 2$ for charity. 


Registration #: 248
Designate an urban camping zone within the city during the height of summer, creating a novel experience within the familiar cityscape. 


Registration #: 249
'Write on Red' A 1km public art wall along the Red River painted by 1000 local residents to increase community involvement and public art


Registration #: 250
Community bonfire pits to join the community together and get outside in the long winter months. Marshmallows recommended. 


Registration #: 251


Registration #: 252
Relocate the downtown train tracks and transform it into a green active transportation route.


Registration #: 254
Enhance the way you wait for your bus with a new more comfortable and bigger bus shelter for students and bomber fans on universtiy Crescent


Registration #: 255
To develop a wknd(s) where local artists can exhibit their art along the BDI bridge in support of neighbourhood work and local improvements 


Registration #: 260
A park where exist all species of squirrel.Breed and adopt a squirrel to save their life and promote an urban wild life program. 


Registration #: 261
Change the Gravel road of Jefferson Avenue that is located near Route 90 to a Paved roadway as well as building street lights along with it.


Registration #: 263
Date night, family time or just chilling with a friend, why not do it outdoors in a shiny new Winnipeg drive in theatre


Registration #: 264
Organize the car-free area during late spring-summer season, so people can walk around downtown and look around what's happening in downtown


Registration #: 268
Rent A Bike. stations all around the downtown area where you can rent a bike from one location and drop it off at another destination.


Registration #: 269
An educational, modern splash park, obstacle course, that will make learning a whole new experience.


Registration #: 271
free public outdoor gyms to promote a more active lifestyle and provide an opportunity to exercise and get fit


Registration #: 272
Install 10 FREE-to-use tire pumping stations at malls. Reduce emissions and increase safety by keeping proper tire pressures on vehicles.


Registration #: 273
Landscape the area around the forks skatepark to attract more people to get active and brighten up Winnipeg's central hub. 


Registration #: 274
I'd like to build a place called "Inner Happiness" where everyone (esp. hospital patients) can reduce stress levels by cuddling with dogs.


Registration #: 275
Route 90 Bicycle Mural Paint used bicycles bright green and attach them to the chain link fences along route 90 to create a 3D mural.


Registration #: 277
Atists ally: a place for all artists to express themselves and paint/ spay paint/ chalk our city without being charged for vandalism.


Registration #: 278
Installation of a vending machine for giving money back as an introduction of the refund recycling system here in Winnipeg.


Registration #: 279
Introduce legislation forcing grocery stores to donate unsold food that's safe to eat to charities, or farmers for animal feed and compost.


Registration #: 280
A loonie to go to the washroom. Throughout the city, portable, washrooms with a one dollar fee to access it. 


Registration #: 281
Winnipeg is unique! Record people saying stop names (& pronouncing them properly) instead of the computer voice on Winnipeg transit buses.


Registration #: 282
Close Higgins under Disraeli. Connect Waterfront to remainder of Louise bridge. Create park on fallow lots at base of bridge.


Registration #: 284
As a mobile society we need access to power on the go. Strategically placed solar powered charging stations around the city is the answer


Registration #: 288
A secret garden on a huge area of meadow in the surroundings of Winnipeg to make a shape of circle, planted with natural trees and flowers, mixed with bright colorful artificial plants and amazing designed sculptures


Registration #: 289
Make mobile art schools and galleries from transit buses. With the help of volunteers, they roam around the city to empower every artist.


Registration #: 290
Create accessible warming huts for those in need, by heating recycled shipping containers with solar energy! Get local artists to paint them


Registration #: 291
#chairyouridea Small outdoor gyms across the city disguised as playgrounds for all ages. Made of weather proof material for year-round use. 


Registration #: 292
BEACH VOLLEY @ THE FORKS Build 2 Beach Volley Courts @ the Forks to encourage physical activity and use of outdoor public space.


Registration #: 294
Lets preserve some of our beautiful green space with an art form that attracts people to its location and keeps people informed about events


Registration #: 295
A LOT OF ART Install projectors to show local art (films, pictures, architectural proposals) on adjacent walls of selected Parking lots.


Registration #: 297
Have different neighbourhoods paint community-designed murals. Color brightens up the place and it becomes an area of community pride!


Registration #: 300


Registration #: 301
commission local artists to design community 'picnic' tables for parks around the city. eg. harvest table, balancing table 


Registration #: 303
A Greener Winnipeg! Green parks in between new and old buildings, plants, roots, and bushes along the side of buildings and rooftop gardens!


Registration #: 304
A wing suite with four propellers. two at the palm of the hand and two at the sole of the foot. battery operated distributed around the body


Registration #: 307
Install digital signage in public, strictly for thought provoking motivational quotes to encourage people to perceive the world differently.


Registration #: 308
Build a skating rink in the middle of the city and have a winter ice skating festival.


Registration #: 310
Create a paradise in the dead of winter w/ winter greenhouses open to public, full of light, greenery and art, with eco-friendly heat source


Registration #: 312
Allow sponsors to Adopt-a-Median! Use funds to finance designers in beautifying and decorating grassy Pembina medians in creative ways!


Registration #: 314
Free community bike drop-off & pickup w/ racks in key areas of the city to provide environmentally friendly transportation to Winnipeggers!


Registration #: 315
A kinetic energy capturing station where you can choose from different interactive physical activities to charge your phone/electronics.


Registration #: 316
Improve sidewalk lighting to create a more welcoming exterior space in areas with more nightlife (bars, theatres, restaurants)


Registration #: 324
Build little pockets in the road to put colour changing pucks that tell you to slow down when there is frost or ice to avoid accidents.


Registration #: 325
Mobile Van of Volunteers (donations-op. Rednose style) that organizes staff at local businesses to clean up their companies exterior! 


Registration #: 326
Create Urban hiking trails connecting iconic Winnipeg locals with signage for distance and heritage information. #Exploremb


Registration #: 327
Utilize downtown rooftops for urban apiary space to house bees. Spread awareness of the ecological importance of a healthy bee population!


Registration #: 328
Create or work with Companies to have Vouchers for food to hand out to people panhandling. Help feed our Community.


Registration #: 329
Work with city to create graffiti/mural licenses for designated walls and use the $30000 to buy paint for emerging artists.


Registration #: 330
Free app to connect commuters & encourage them to carpool. Could also be used to get out-of-towners to carpool to bus routes or park&ride.


Registration #: 331
Bring back our fur-trade heritage by Setting up a boat rental co-op for canoes and kayaks at the forks.


Registration #: 332
Build an outdoor fitness area at the Forks, similar to Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. Help bring #freefitness to the masses!


Registration #: 333
Build structures similar to Bus Shelters around the city, each equipped with tools for bike repair and maintenance. 


Registration #: 335
GET US OFF THE FLOOR - provide specialized change benches in public restrooms


Registration #: 336
An indoor/outdoor beach themed water park located in Assiniboine Park open all year round for all ages. 


Registration #: 337
Provide games and sports equipment for free rental to encourage outdoor family activity at the works. 


Registration #: 338
Build more biking roads for safety


Registration #: 339
Revitalize the Parker Wetlands by restoring its tall grass prairie, adding nature sculptures throughout, and gifting it to Winnipeg forever.


Registration #: 340
Create a dog-walking loop around Assiniboine Ave/Forks/Exchange District, with water & doggie-bag stations and a few off-leash spaces.


Registration #: 341
WALK (IN) ON ART Using outdoor projectors, project pictures, shapes, colours and renderings on the sidewalk of Selected Winnipeg Streets. 


Registration #: 342
Build a kiosk in the city which supplies preowned winter boots to the homeless, as well as other winter essentials. Lets keep Winnipeg warm.


Registration #: 343
Warming huts with docking stations at bus stops on Pembina, Osborne and the downtown area. Seating, heating and cell charging for all.


Registration #: 345
To implement a bike rental initiative around the city, where you can rent bikes from docking stations located in high traffic areas.


Registration #: 348
Solid, carved wood furniture and sculptures with burned in art etchings, for parks. The art may be important culturally or historically.


Registration #: 349
Brighten up our cities park paths with more lights, for evening joggers & walkers.


Registration #: 350
We need comfy walkers available at the WAG and the Museum for Human Rights. There are lots of seniors who don't go to these places.


Registration #: 352
Concrete ping-pong tables, made unique by local artists, installed around various urban locations. Another gr8 reason to get out + have fun.


Registration #: 354
Illuminate the night! Locally commissioned light-art installations in 'scary' dwntn alleys to transform them into buzzing pedestrian routes.


Registration #: 356
#CoverThatUP: Adaptive “curtain” turns ugly parkade by WAG+Archives into urban sculpture/screen. Space becomes place b/t two WPG landmarks!


Registration #: 357
Organize small concerts once a week at Winnipeg community centres to get kids and other individuals to meet and learn about music.


Registration #: 360
Build a play structure for children by or near BDI. Kids will have something to do after eating while parents can talk with other adults.


Registration #: 362
My idea is to create warming/cooling shelters at busy bus stations. They would include benches, heaters and fans to help people in need.


Registration #: 363
Add an attraction by creating a maze/gallery showcasing 3D art of different scenery of WPG and how it transforms from season to season. 


Registration #: 364
Distribute copies of a good book on "Aboriginal History & Culture" to grade schools.


Registration #: 366
develop a system of bike racks in major areas of Winnipeg allowing people to rent a bike,they can then return them to any similar bike racks


Registration #: 368
A "FunHole" is a pothole filled with colourful grout. It's a fun way to add character to Winnipeg while also improving road conditions.


Registration #: 369
Create large white curved walls all over the city to be used as collaborative murals where anybody can create their own art. 


Registration #: 370
Create mini galleries outdoors in the exchange with paintings and unique pieces of art to make the city look more alive and colourful! 


Registration #: 372
URBAN CAMPING FESTIVAL 3-Day Party! Right in the City! BBQs/Bonfires/Bands+Band-Aids, Eat/Drink/Dance/Repeat, Tents Popping-Up Everywhere...


Registration #: 374
a park where selected Winnipeg artists create a sculpture to be placed in the park for people to admire the talent this city


Registration #: 375
A social collaborative negotiation of blank space for public art to reinforce community pride and encourage interurban reflection. 


Registration #: 376
Bus stops should provide an area for people that smoke during cold weather. Build a glass room or just a wall to block the wind in that area


Registration #: 377
Grow local food in green houses on our downtown rooftops.


Registration #: 379
Cheap transit buses to bring you places outside of the city, like beaches and water parks in the summer or ski/toboggan hills in the winter!


Registration #: 380
instal small weatherproof speakers around the city that provide weather info and lighting while also connecting the community through music 


Registration #: 381
Create Light Rail Transit throughout our city by detouring heavy industrial railroad transportation, thus helping our society's conveyance!


Registration #: 382
Sprinkle the city with water fountains for the old or young, 2 wheels or 4, and 2 legged or 4, giving respite along active transport routes!


Registration #: 384
each bus-stop set up a LED screen.people can touch this screen, and this screen can show another people who touch screen in other bus stop.


Registration #: 386
Year round public water fountain the downtown area. 


Registration #: 387
My idea is to build a new welcome sign for Winnipeg, to show the great development that our city has gone through in the last few years. 


Registration #: 388
Create community gardens tended by volunteers and have the produce donated to local food banks. 


Registration #: 390


Registration #: 391
Heated/air conditioned bus stop huts throughout downtown containing water fountains and an electronic bus schedule #chairyouridea 


Registration #: 393
Spin bikes in bus stops across the city. When peddled, bikes will produce energy & turn on hand warmers for a more pleasant bus experience


Registration #: 395
Mobile truck in coalition with a local food bank run by volunteers that makes food accessible for low income families in their area.


Registration #: 396
Let it rain! Get polluted stormwater out of our waterways by filtering it through a rain garden. Bonus: they’re pretty to look at too.


Registration #: 397
Mobile truck run by volunteers that offers free haircuts, showers & donated clothing to the homeless & people with low income


Registration #: 401
Bee Aware! A collection of statues incorporating live flowers to create a bee-friendly environment. Save the bees!


Registration #: 403
Painting flower gardens & plants on the walls of downtown buildings so that we can appreciate bright happy colours outdoors all year round!


Registration #: 404
Music is a universal language. My idea is to create 2-3 low budget busking areas with speakers and stage in places like the forks or Osborne


Registration #: 405
Make a detour route in construction areas with traffic diverted thro construction and the detour route


Registration #: 407
develop a way-finding app that highlights wpg design spaces and events while providing various 'design' routes for pedestrians and cyclists


Registration #: 408
Outfit the most used busses with free charging stations/wifi


Registration #: 409
Illuminate Winnipeg: A project shedding light on the hidden gems of Winnipeg, involving under appreciated places and glow in the dark paint.


Registration #: 410
A living wall of moss and flowers in downtown Winnipeg to brighten up the area, promoting a greener lifestyle for people in our community.


Registration #: 411


Registration #: 412
Install bright colorful lights on the bottom of the Red River by high foot-traffic downtown riverside areas to make the river glow at night.


Registration #: 413
Put up public ashtray bins at bus stops to provide a clean spot for smokers to put their butts.


Registration #: 414
A smile is a gift to everyone! Give someone a smile today and see how far it can go to help make Winnipeg a more beautiful place!


Registration #: 415
Luminescent hand-prints along the walking bridge @TheForks that will light up at night. Proceeds to go to inner city youth programs.


Registration #: 416
Grant for university students to implement ideas in the city for years to come. grant money could be matched by local firms.


Registration #: 417
Fly flags of every country in the world along the road leaving Winnipeg International Airport to show our multicultural heritage.


Registration #: 418
Put enough drainage holes alongside the roads to reduce the chance of the city getting flooded, again.


Registration #: 419
Make major transit stations/stops more informative by displaying local headline news, weather report and upcoming events on digital screens


Registration #: 420
Bring life to bus shelters; have a feature wall in each one with a living wall outside and art or a community event board featured inside. 


Registration #: 423
An event in which people can bring glass and cans for a refund of their value, also featuring glass blowing and metal exhibits/workshops.


Registration #: 424
A Shelter Program where homeless people are given temporary accommodation while being taught crafts to enable them take care of themselves.


Registration #: 425
Renting canoes on the Red River and setting up a boat race. $5 for register fee for people 13+ and giving money made to a local charity.


Registration #: 427
Winnipeg roads are terrible. I think research should be done to develop a way to make the concrete/tar more durable for the winters.


Registration #: 428
More rental bike + close downtown from private vehicles for 1 day; this'll let people appreciate pedestrian/bike/transit oriented city. 


Registration #: 429
Hold an event to plant flowers popular among bees in a park and receive that same flower to take home for yourself. Protect the bees!


Registration #: 430
Comfortable, unique and eye catching bus stops to make commuting by transit a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. 


Registration #: 431
Having people from the community come together to help build and afterwards paint the walls of a safe shelter 


Registration #: 432
to have little pop up shops for clothing/food items/arts&crafts down broadway during the summer months so people can pick up special goodies


Registration #: 433
Extend upper skating trails at the Forks North along Waterfront Dr. Only requires winterizing water tap at Stephen Juba Park. 


Registration #: 437
Move the stop lights at the end of Academy and Stafford to the adjacent sidewalk making them more visible and eliminating collisions. 


Registration #: 438
Build a few exercising equipment at the local parks accessible to everyone to have an active lifestyle.


Registration #: 441
Build a jumbotron tv near the Exchange District so that residents of Winnipeg can enjoy watching major sporting events outdoors. 


Registration #: 443
Paint culturally significant anamorphic graphics on delapidated or underutilized buildings to create a new visual dynamic on the street. 


Registration #: 444
Create a bike sharing system for Wpg to use as another form of transportation at a little to no cost.Lets help reduce our carbon footprint!


Registration #: 445
Go to an area in Winnipeg that is un-used, or abondon and create an outdoor art gallery that displays an artists work for a week at a time. 


Registration #: 446
Implementation of lighting system along parts of the Wellington Crescent trail for people who wish to use the trail when its dark out.


Registration #: 447
my idea is to use the snow during winter to create a miniature ice sculpture of downtown Winnipeg where tourist can travel to see


Registration #: 449
Winter in Winnipeg is cold and long. Not everyone in the city has car. Many of people take bus so I want every bus stops get shelf and heat.


Registration #: 450
Designate an area of The Forks for a permanent Food Truck Village. Include a weather controlled area for live music and pedestrian use.


Registration #: 451
An all-seasons greenhouse that is available to the public to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at a lower cost.


Registration #: 452
Promote safety and design by transforming downtown alleyways. String lights and have local artists paint murals on the walls. 


Registration #: 453
A tent set up on the river with music, dancing, and drinks. Skates must be worn! Enjoy some winter night life @ The Forks for a $10 cover.


Registration #: 454
Have a "chalk drawing" festival in the Forks! Let local artists draw on the pavements of the Forks so it can be more visually entertaining.


Registration #: 455
Its WPG,its cold. WPG transit is reliable, the more usable bus shacks with stronger heating systems will help keep others warm in winter.


Registration #: 456
Close down a street in the Exchange District for the day and have a chalk festival where anyone can draw on the street.


Registration #: 458
Designate an area of The Forks for a permanent Food Truck Village. Include a weather controlled area for live music and pedestrian use.


Registration #: 459
Interconnect all biking/walking paths in the city so that multiple attractions can be reached from one path


Registration #: 460
Electrical outlets in bus shelters so people can charge their phones while waiting for the bus


Registration #: 461
Landmark lighted micro-stages & pocket parks in high-traffic areas purpose built to draw in and provide better busking and increased safety.


Registration #: 462
Make the area beside St Norbert Community Center better by taking down the old unsafe toboggan slide and create a new one.


Registration #: 464
To have bicycles on Parks for the public to freely utilize them. Using a system,the public will use and return them back to designated spots


Registration #: 465
My idea is to build bike racks stations, where you can go and rent a bike for a couple of dollars and bike to another bike station.


Registration #: 466
I hope the parking space can be widened for those trucks or Vans. That can reduce some trouble, such as hit and run in the park.


Registration #: 467
Identify residential Winnipeg streets that could most convincingly be converted to public "green-space". Undertake the conceptual design.


Registration #: 468
Place space heaters in the most popular bus shelter locations throughout the city! 


Registration #: 469
My idea is to make use of the rooftop space of the major buildings in downtown Winnipeg and create urban rooftop community gardens.


Registration #: 470
Give visible names to all of the bridges in the city. Creating a sense of connectedness to one of its unique and beautiful aspects.


Registration #: 471
Breaking the ice!- Frozen gifts in clear ice cubes passing them to people. 


Registration #: 472
Build sheltered hammock "stations" across Winnipeg parks. People who don't have a backyard to put a hammock in can enjoy it in the parks.


Registration #: 475
A mini greenhouse that will look or feel like in a tropical country. It's great for WPG when people are missing summer during winter times!


Registration #: 477
Local artists and engineers unite to create an unique turbine park close to portage and main. Result: green energy and innovating downtown.


Registration #: 479
Allow artists to showcase their work on street boulevards and empty spaces throughout Winnipeg, making the entire city a tourist attraction


Registration #: 480
Close lengths of downtown Portage for weekly activities, markets and exhibitions "What's happening on Portage this weekend?" will echo about


Registration #: 481
Use existing bike paths/trails in parks around the city and turn them into ice skating paths to be used during the winter 


Registration #: 482
Curated lighting displays outside destination points in less travelled areas enhancing pedestrian safety and highlighting events inside/out


Registration #: 485
Bring a bike rent system like Citi Bike, so that you can rent a bike from 1 spot and drop it off at another, at any given time.


Registration #: 486
To provide Winnipeg with an alternative way to get to the Forks using skywalks connect from Portage Place to MTS Centre. 


Registration #: 487
Architecture for all: a lookout/treehouse structure along the cycling paths in Whittier park facing west towards the Winnipeg skyline


Registration #: 489
Hold a contest for kids to design art and poetry on environment theme- print winners on buses. Good message and encourage youth ridership.


Registration #: 490
Park 'n' Ride bicycle rentals available in parking lots within Wpg, options for rental available at ticket terminal with credit card.


Registration #: 491
Design miniature libraries on Winnipeg's public spaces or places where people can read, donate, exchange and get books for free.


Registration #: 492
Open a small pet cafe in Osborne Village for people to sit, relax and meet while enjoying the company of a furry friend.


Registration #: 493
Construct a maze filled with art work and optical illusions to make a great tourist attraction and also a fun way to admire art for all ages


Registration #: 495
design a set in public place(s) and set up Polaroid camera(s) where people can pay to have their pictures taken in the set and keep the film


Registration #: 496
Install a 50 ft long bridge that parallels right on the surface of the river at the Red River River walk in The Forks. 


Registration #: 497
Re-use & install competition chairs along routes with heavy foot traffic, bus stops & park areas to encourage impromptu gathering spaces. 


Registration #: 498
Place 'book shelters' around Winnipeg where people could take and leave books for free.


Registration #: 499
Have easy to read maps with famous and common areas on every crossroad/junction for easy navigation in the areas for new people like tourist


Registration #: 500
Make a graffiti park, a place where local artists can gather and not only color our city, but showcase their talent and passion as well.


Registration #: 501
Host an all-day event to educate citizens about North America's depleting bee population and practical ways to help promote growth. 


Registration #: 502
PLAY THE CUBE! Provide a physical interface for Winnipeggers to control the coloured lights in the OMS Cube Stage when not in use.


Registration #: 503
Create a winter wind shelter art gallery tunnel across the Esplanade Riel Bridge and make it accessible for skaters


Registration #: 504
create a system that allows the poor/homeless to obtain food&drinks from a unique vending machine as reward to collecting recyclable waste.


Registration #: 505
As we all know that is really cold in Winnipeg so people can creat a solar heater, that will heat up the bus station during winter time.


Registration #: 506
Have a street festival to support local businesses with all of the proceeds going to them. 


Registration #: 507
Initiate a redevelopment competition for former site of Nairn Av. dock to revitalize area along the East side waterfront.


Registration #: 508
Market Madness Saturday-Between 10am-5pm locals sell their original paintings, pottery, homemade beaded jewelry, music, food, etc.


Registration #: 509
Close down a few blocks of Portage for sanctioned drag races during cruise nights. Vendors would line the blocks creating a destination. 


Registration #: 510
Build a giant shelter with warmed benches similar to bus shelters at The Cube to keep festivals and entertainment going during the winter. 


Registration #: 511
During our long winters, turn the City of Winnipeg wading pools into little skating rinks for the families in the communities.


Registration #: 512
Public drinking-water fountains.


Registration #: 513
Lets paint our skyline by projecting different coloured lights on each of the buildings downtown and liven up the look of our city!


Registration #: 515
Invest in a downtown night market that runs all summer long; admission would be non-perishable food items to be donated to charity.


Registration #: 516
Create a historical art piece in Portage Mall.


Registration #: 518
Improve night time use of Assiniboine Park by putting decorative lights along pathways 


Registration #: 521
Have a light show in downtown that could be a major city attraction at night, specially during the holiday season.


Registration #: 522
Public drinking fountains with spouts placed at levels for adults, children and dogs as well as a spout to fill water bottles.


Registration #: 524
To better the connection between communities, Place large retro blackboards in popular places around the city for people to share ideas.


Registration #: 525
As people pass by "Give and Take" stations on the street they can leave mittens, toques and scarves that people in need can take.


Registration #: 526
A childish fashion show for adults. People can wear their childhood dream clothing collection.


Registration #: 527
A market for people to sell their fresh fruits/vegetables to others not able to farm for themselves. Creating a healthy community and diet.


Registration #: 528
place the same book in each bus station,all residents share reading experience, to be mentally connected, pieces of time be utilised 


Registration #: 529
Add colorful lights and flowers in the old parks to make it livelier & also for people to see and appreciate the beauty of the environment.


Registration #: 530
Promote Winnipeg as an All-Season Destination! Build a great indoor recreation/waterpark to create more jobs/revenues to fund city programs.


Registration #: 531
A reinforcement of safety and awareness to speed limits around school zones by making signs and crosswalks more noticeable with lights.


Registration #: 532
Like the river trail warming huts, participants will design a select number of bus shelters for the winter months for certain bus stops


Registration #: 534
Develop an Aboriginal public art sculpture trail from The Forks to the Aboriginal Centre on Higgins Avenue along the Red River.


Registration #: 535
Ping pong tables in public squares throughout The Exchange and Downtown.


Registration #: 536
Light up the trees throughout The Exchange District to enhance the ambiance and vibrancy of the area.


Registration #: 537
paint a scramble corner at Portage & Main - citizens can imagine one day owning the intersection


Registration #: 538
My idea is, to build booths and place it everywhere around downtown. Generally this would be made to socialize and meet other people.


Registration #: 539
Rent refurbished White Bikes, supplied by the WRENCH, equipped with bike route maps, on Esplanade Bridge. Re-Cycle & get to know our city.


Registration #: 540
Create a permanent food truck venue in Old Market Square. Build tables and benches using reclaimed wood and brick found locally.


Registration #: 541
A safer Winnipeg: Do a campaign so all houses/buildings have their street-numbers visible front & back for ambulances, fire-trucks, etc. 


Registration #: 542
Make a gallery composed by the arts of ours community, and the best 100 arts will be selected to be placed in the streets of Winnipeg.


Registration #: 544
A green house and garden/green roof atop WAG. Designed by 5468796. Consider satellite view of WAG in design to attract tourists to our city.


Registration #: 545
Find a more effective way of educating the public on the alternatives to malathion & help fund the trials & research for such alternatives.


Registration #: 546
Train station is my $30,000 idea.An express train station that can transport people to major city locations(university,Airport etc)


Registration #: 549
Replace all of the current incandescent street lamps on a main thoroughfare to LED bulbs and significantly reduce operating costs.


Registration #: 550
Replace the advertising on billboards with local art, so that rather than being inspired to spend money, we can just be inspired.


Registration #: 551
Centralize Winnipeg's cultural values of artistic expression, culinary pursuits, and music inclination to a repurposed alley in downtown. 


Registration #: 552
Create a #tacticalurbanism fund for low-cost, seasonal, people-first projects - crosswalk paint, parklets, planters... Most grants < $250.


Registration #: 553
develop indoor or underground tunnel between building and bus station in the city, to let people avoid feel extremely temperature changes 


Registration #: 554
Building a public pet park with many activities, training sessions or just petting. 


Registration #: 555
An entertainment and fun park children and adults 


Registration #: 556
Build a basketball park with 4 courts in The Forks and host monthly 3 on 3 tournaments with $50 registration per team. 


Registration #: 557
My idea is to add creativity and music to the city through large interactable music stations, @ key areas around the city for all to play w/


Registration #: 558
Install bookshelves at all major bus stations so people can pick up a book or magazine and return it when they get off. 


Registration #: 559
A vending machine that only accepts plastic bottles and cans for its goods which will be small foods for the homeless or whoever it might be


Registration #: 560
A public art gallery in a community lot such as a park where anyone can display their artwork for everyone to admire and potentially buy


Registration #: 561
Wpg is a GROWING mosaic of neighbrhds! Task community CHAMPIONS in each 'hood 2 create a MAP enabling others 2 discover/share & celebrate


Registration #: 562
A reading sanctuary outside a local library. Will be dome shaped and consist of 8 reading Pods for people to sit in that will close off.


Registration #: 563
A curated drop off box or pick up service where one can donate unused materials, recyclables and /or art supplies for community use. 


Registration #: 564
Ahoy, Winnipeg! Imagine floating cafes, shops and houses docking on our rivers. Moveable neighbourhoods activating the waterfront!


Registration #: 565
Forget FB & twitter, back to basics.10000+ Wpg based design postcards c/w postage to anywhere in world. Pavilion c/w mailbox in the Exchange


Registration #: 566
two words - LASER PYRAMID


Registration #: 572
Give out 60,000 bicycles to those that can't afford a car, include a helmet and lock - create a demand for needed bike infrastructure.


Registration #: 573
Activate second level. Golf driving range on roof of two or three storey Exchange Dist. Bldg. Steel & mesh structure around edge of building


Registration #: 574
Make a friend bench. To be placed on parks. Strangers can get to know each other by asking 5 questions provided by a box by the bench. 


Registration #: 575
Provide new storefront on enclosed Exchange District back alley. Rotate weekly vendors to run pop-up store to test drive new businesses.


Registration #: 576
As a international student I really hope placement a bus schedule at each bus stop.


Registration #: 577
Children's seats for buses


Registration #: 578
Create a playful "I spy" marker to sit atop street signs that engage children and adults alike to identify and track locally-themed icons.


Registration #: 579
Create a prototype for wayfinding systems with vertical markers and access points into our active rivers for year-round use.


Registration #: 580
Culturally inclusive gathering place at Assiniboine Park welcoming all Peoples to experience Aboriginal diversity with art.


Registration #: 581
Renew the infrastructure in the public park.


Registration #: 583
Increase the times of buses in the winter, or let buses goes community deeply.


Registration #: 584
Repurpose recycled tires and construction materials around the city for the design of playground components, innovative chairs or decoration


Registration #: 585
Put dogs food and water under the chair. Because when people eat dinner, there dog just stand outside of restaurant. Human and dog are equal


Registration #: 586
Provide heated shelters throughout the city that provide shelter/warmth as well as distribute used/donated winter gear to the homeless.


Registration #: 587
A playground dedicated to wheelchair access! Replacing pebbles and creating wheelchair fitting swings, seesaws, roundabouts, slides & games.


Registration #: 588
Transform the whole city with a variety of ice sculptures everywhere during Festival du Voyageur.


Registration #: 589
#Chairyouridea Don't Sit. Get Fit! Activate + promote a healthier city with pedestrian friendly workout stations along circuit of streets. 


Registration #: 590
Build more plaza resident area that give people place to hung out. Small area to skate and a basketball court for kids to communicate.


Registration #: 591
Create a map of local hotspots for tourists and locals to get to know the city better. Advertise restaurants and shops based on as mall fee


Registration #: 592
Build solar powered emergency phones in select areas of the city of Winnipeg


Registration #: 593


Registration #: 594
Celebrate Winnipeg’s Indigenous history by revitalizing the Forks’ South Point with an Indigenous site design showcasing this sacred space


Registration #: 595
Horse drawn carriage rides around the forks, or sleigh rides on the Red River during winter.


Registration #: 596
Place Hammocks and Hammock chairs around the city (in places like parks) for a comfortable place where people can hangout and relax. 


Registration #: 597
have more benches around the city esp. @ bus stops & along walking paths benches painted by local artists 2 B given a chance 2 B recognized


Registration #: 598
Remove unwanted graffiti in Winnipeg like the ones on trains. Graffiti is expensive to remove and by removing it will show a cleaner city.


Registration #: 599
Add a little life by creating one or more 'love locks' projects and display them at The Forks and/or in various communities in Winnipeg.


Registration #: 600
Build a public indoor recycled playground at the forks to be used during winter. Examples would be chalk walls and tire swings. Open for all


Registration #: 601
Organize a street festival in Albert Street and it will promote the Exchange District and would happen during the August long weekend. 


Registration #: 602
To add exercise equipment for adults at playgrounds/parks to encourage activity and general health while children play


Registration #: 603
Create a pilot project to make Osborne into a pedestrian road to be used as a space for gatherings and to inspire culture. 


Registration #: 604
Use large parking lots after hours for a movie drive-in theatre.


Registration #: 609
make stone chairs that designed with Olympic mascot, surrounding the Investors Group Field Adding more in the future (24 mascot already)


Registration #: 610
Create pop up patios across the downtown that can be quickly set up to give lucky passersby a chance to taste what local chefs have to offer


Registration #: 611
Get people up and moving! Put monitors around the city showing exercises/stretches that change each hour which are sponsored by clinics. 


Registration #: 612
My idea for the chair your idea campaign, is heated bus stops for the winter. Lets get Winnipegers warm for winter! 


Registration #: 613
Give Winnipeger's a new option for date night or something to do with friends and family by opening up a new and improved Drive-In Theatre!


Registration #: 615
A statue garden on Memorial Boulevard made of small solar panels. Its design is to show Winnipeggers the true beauty of renewable energy.


Registration #: 617
create and fund a public art, design or writing exhibition for cultural and intellectual benefits.


Registration #: 618
Help our city grow, adopt an abandoned flowerbed in a park and have a blooming good time


Registration #: 619
Unplugged Under the Bridge: on the Seine under the Marion St Bridge enjoy light & art installation, pop up concerts + hot snacks


Registration #: 620
Intercity ice ways on land throughout the city creating skating passage from the forks to various areas of the city.


Registration #: 621
Outdoor parkade road hockey tournaments for charities that help kids get enrolled in sports


Registration #: 622
Custom Signage that promotes walking. Example: “downtown 15 minute walk =>”


Registration #: 623
Community family lounges, a place to watch sporting events and play video games in a family setting.


Registration #: 624
Stand-alone digital information booths, all the city information you need in convenient location.


Registration #: 625
Take one leave one community drop boxes for books all around the city.


Registration #: 626
More directive city information signage for tourists or new Canadians entering the city via roadways or airport.


Registration #: 627
A mobile, whimsical playground for adults - to enjoy on work breaks, or anytime!


Registration #: 628
Establish permanent Boules Courts (Bocci) on the Broadway Boulevard


Registration #: 629
Remove +15s. Rewrite policy to return people and activity to the street


Registration #: 630
Implement a Laneway House Program for zones within certain proximity of downtown to promote density, affordable housing and safer laneways


Registration #: 631
Seasonally occupy curb lanes in strategic locations to establish a pedestrian community, park and event space.


Registration #: 632
Install radiant heated pedestrian paths to keep sidewalks and pathways warm and perpetually clear of snow


Registration #: 633
Tax the maximum developable floor area ratio on downtown surface parking lots to encourage positive redevelopment of surface lots


Registration #: 634
Cultivate a mobile orangery: deploy trees outside in summer; for winter, create a mobile interior/exterior urban forest


Registration #: 635
Develop urban farming green walls on derelict buildings to grow herbs and small edible or decorative plants


Registration #: 636
Establish food cart villages surrounding surface parking lots, to encourage activity and drive a sense of community in underutilized space


Registration #: 637
Bring back Schmockey night!


Registration #: 638
Mobile transit & parking meter app! Using your smart phone you can pay for bus fare and parking meters by simply scanning your barcode app! 


Registration #: 639
We can increase the public building and facilities in Winnipeg. Order is very important, you can add more cameras to monitor people . 


Registration #: 640
Wellington Crescent for Everyone: close off a section of road for biking/walking in a different area of Winnipeg once/week


Registration #: 642
Digging for Bones: At the Forks, create a Dinosaur Park to teach history and science, and to hold public digs


Registration #: 643
Build a Water Slide Park across from IKEA in the wide open space of land that is being used for nothing.


Registration #: 644
Build a small self sustaining wetland somewhere in winnipeg and have it used as a place for students to learn about the environment.


Registration #: 645
Floating + Sliding riverSTAGE providing a venue for temporary exhibitions and performances 365 days a year on our waters.


Registration #: 646
Free evening carnival on the weekends in the exchange. Local charities can use this as a platform for fundraising. Live music & performers


Registration #: 647
Longboards as well as skateboards to be available for rent at The Forks. This will provide a new and exciting way to explore and get active.


Registration #: 648
Turn Portage Place inside out! Incentivize ground floor retailers to re-open their streetfront store entrances.


Registration #: 649
Bring people downtown: digital sign boards at selected locations will show “Downtown Events This Week” with QR Codes to websites


Registration #: 650
Keep cars moving with a traffic circle at Portage and Main. It’s done in large European cities, like London and Paris, why not Winnipeg?


Registration #: 651
Make Winnipeg the Toboggan Capital of the World! Use our existing park infrastructure to create an International Tobogganing Competition.


Registration #: 652
Schedule community playdates at public playgrounds to encourage outdoor play and interaction between children & parents of diverse cultures


Registration #: 653
Phone charging stations at community hubs/bus stops. Generate your own power through a simple repeated action, like a bike powered battery


Registration #: 654
Test a non-chemical method to save us from the mosquito plight, a new design for BAT BOXES in Assiniboine Park!


Registration #: 655
Paint street lights to color code different zoning areas & paint street number on the posts for better navigation.


Registration #: 656
More dog parks. More public transit buses


Registration #: 657
Transform Carlton St. into a pedestrian ‘green’ corridor; a connection between Osborne Village, Broadway, the SHED district & Portage Ave.


Registration #: 659
Construct permanent awnings, canopies, wind breaks & radiant heaters adjacent to MB Hydro Place for a 4 season’s farmers market.


Registration #: 660
Develop an aura of romance & wonderment; suspend a canopy of lights over Portage Ave & revive the nightlife in downtown WPG.


Registration #: 661
Movable speed bumps embedded with a device that diverts pressure from a car's weight into compressed air tanks for sidewalk bike-pumps. 


Registration #: 662
Massive garage sale from donations around the community and all proceeds go towards constructing bike paths.


Registration #: 663
Install all buses in the city with gps tracking and pay to develop an application so that people can monitor their bus in real time.


Registration #: 664
Interpret Winnipeg's history through the blending of current/archival images in a free smart phone ap.


Registration #: 665
Sitting still for 5 min in the Isolation pot downtown; it will give a new experience of the city. 


Registration #: 666
Bus shelter competition by UofM architecture students. Criteria: creative, weather haven/winter shelter/energy efficient, fun for bus riders


Registration #: 667
Install all buses in the city with gps tracking and pay to develop an application so that people can monitor their bus in real time.


Registration #: 668
Make a $5 donation towards the homeless to decorate birdhouses at different venues around the city.


Registration #: 669
Increased summer hours (including being open on Sundays) for the Millennium Library to bring more activity to the downtown area.


Registration #: 670
#ARTCITY takes on WPGCITY $30K donation to AC in return for 5 pieces of public art created by kids at AC. Art placed at impt. WPG locations.


Registration #: 671
#SNOWDAY Street hockey tournament and Party (Giant toboggan hill!!) at Portage and Main over the XMAS break. Party like kids on a snow day. 


Registration #: 672
Select a 'Notable Winnipegger of the Week' to celebrate. Someone who has captured our attention through achievement or simply notoriety.


Registration #: 674
Love letters to Winnipeg: 100 artfully crafted mail boxes, set in 100 places we love in Winnipeg, to send & read love letters to Winnipeg. 


Registration #: 675
Commission a design study that proposes beautiful design solutions (plantings, shrubs, art...) for Winnipeg's ugly concrete street medians.


Registration #: 676
Turn Old Market Square into a vibrant winter wonderland by building a skating rink in front of the Cube to attract people all season long.


Registration #: 677
Create 50km of new safe bike-to-school routes for kids in a day with 1000 on-road flower planters to calm traffic & beautify local streets.


Registration #: 680
Flood Old Market Square in the wintertime to be used as a skating rink.


Registration #: 682
Design a modern display typeface system to be used for unique, dynamic, cohesive public branding and way-finding around the city.


Registration #: 683
Urban Junktion -A socio-collateral initiative to turn an abandoned/shady district into an art and entertainment hub by RECYCLING city's junk


Registration #: 684
Different coloured chairs, each in the shape of a hand, placed throughout the city. Each chair represents a year of Winnipeg's history.


Registration #: 686
60 architects get $500 each to spend on a day with kindergarten kids. Make design exciting at a young age to grow a design-aware generation


Registration #: 688
remove interlocking brick in urban medians. replace with tall prairie grasses. low maintenance, less headlight glare, jaywalking deterrent.


Registration #: 689
Short Description: 
temporary pitch-n-putt on Broadway.


Registration #: 690
Inflatable screen in Memorial Park showing every Jets game. 


Registration #: 691
mobile farmer’s market truck selling locally sourced produced at various urban locations in the city. put fresh local produce within reach.


Registration #: 692
#chairyouridea Create an adopt-a-tree stewardship program for property owners to speed blvd tree replacement in their neighbourhoods


Registration #: 693
#chairyouridea Design(competition)&build series of iconic shelters w/firepits for group-use picnic areas thru-out Wpg’s riverside parkways


Registration #: 694
#chairyouridea Close Memorial btwn Broadway&York, string canopy of lights: summer market&event zone, winter skating, New Market Square!


Registration #: 695
I would like a basketball court in the field beside Dzogan Cove


Registration #: 696
Bring back the book-mobile! 20' sea-cans filled with books for mini-library diployment around the city. More books please!


Registration #: 698
Convert usable green spaces & chain link fences into community gardens to provide food/nourishment for our community’s homeless population


Registration #: 699
Heal the earth and ourselves with free vegetable and medicinal plant seeds. Backyard, patio and sidewalk/guerrilla gardens for all!


Registration #: 700
Start a design competition in an urban space downtown that calls for pop-up homeless shelters that sleep 2 comfortably in the winter 


Registration #: 701
INSTALL some CHIN-UP BARS at bus stops, so Wpgers can exercise 2gther while waiting for the bus. Connect these bus stops as a fitness trek.


Registration #: 702
#chairyouridea Do what it takes to make Winnipeg a @UNESCO Creative City of Design! @Mayor_Bowman


Registration #: 703


Registration #: 704
Hanging around in Winnipeg could be more pleasant during the summer by offering more shade to pedestrians. Summer heat is brutal here. 


Registration #: 705
Winnipeg River League. Create free ice rinks along Winnipeg’s rivers and encourage use through an outdoor hockey tournament. Love WINTERPEG.


Registration #: 706
A SAFER WINNIPEG: A campaign so all houses/buildings have their street-numbers visible front & back for ambulances, fire-trucks, etc. 


Registration #: 707
Bring River & Osborne to life with sidewalk art & painted crosswalks! Increase pedestrian visibility & creates sense of place #chairyouridea


Registration #: 708
Tree Swing: Hang tree swings along boulevards all over town. Celebrate Winnipeg's urban forest & encourage people to stop, swing & mingle.


Registration #: 710
People deposit unused gift cards into vending machines throughout the city that homeless people can access up to once per day using a code.


Registration #: 711
Create a Riverside Beach with great views of the Red or Assiniboine. Easily accessible location. Umbrellas. Spray fountains.


Registration #: 713
Bull run? Polar Bear Run! @Portage + Main


Registration #: 720
a public teaching space toward respect for land, all philosophies and cultures, a focal point for Wpg as Compassionate City, Prairie Geneva


Registration #: 721
Library in a truck. A truck that holds books rather than people. Drives around in neighborhoods that don't or can't access a library #cyi


Registration #: 722
There should be free WIFI from everywhere in Winnipeg. 


Registration #: 723
Neglected city pie lots along heavily walked Cumberland transformed into "urban tall grass prairie nature trail" with indigenous public art!


Registration #: 724
I propose adding underwater LED lighting to enhance the look of the iconic Centennial Fountain on Broadway after dark.


Registration #: 725
< 0.05% of native prairie habitat remains. City spends $37,438 a year on mowing. Stop mowing highway boulevards. Restore native species!


Registration #: 727
A Bike-Share program which anyone can rent and access bicycles in stations throughout downtown adjacent neighbourhoods,and famous landmark


Registration #: 728
Urban/Community gardens. Fostering a sense of belonging, growing food and a community. Celebrates diversity and team work.


Registration #: 729
Rent surface parking stalls downtown and transform them into usable public space like small parks, community gardens, or pop-up markets. 


Registration #: 730
Sidewalks shall become the palette for Indigenous art, making us mindful of our common past & suffuse us with the desire for reconciliation.


Registration #: 732
We want to connect all green space in the middle of Boardway by pedestrian crosswalk, from city hall all the way to the forks!


Registration #: 735
It is time to think about a new transportation system without damaging the image of Winnipeg City.


Registration #: 736
Burning Man? No, Melting Man! New Year's Eve A towering sculpture of ice and snow Midnight Light the bonfire and melt, Melting Man, melt!


Registration #: 737
Bring the beach experience to #winnipeg @TheForks. Sand, reclaimed elm log benches along the Red River. #chairyouridea


Registration #: 738
A competition to develop Alexander Dock. Design elevated buildings in line with Cibo rest. With a linked walkway overlooking the river, creating a new public space. 


Registration #: 739


Registration #: 740
Create community gardens to grow free organic produce for low income families and homeless.






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